Books for my sisters…

#Friday!!!! So it’s flashback Friday and I’m sharing with you my favorite books I’ve read (or listened via audiobook) in 2017/2016. I’m doing my five favorites but I have a tie for fifth so you get six this time!! First, Jodi Picoult’s Small great things — hands down a thought provoking story about a black nurse 🏪and her decision when faced with racism. The story is written by a white author but her research is on point. Did I mention they are creating a movie for this book?? I suggest reading NOW!! Second… Americanah by my favorite author 🖤🖤🖤🖤Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche – the story of a young Nigerian girl moving to America and finding herself, love, her passion and many lessons.. (hands down my favorite author and book by her – even got to Meet her and had her autograph my book.)er3rd – The hate you give – by Angie Thomas – tells the story of modern day harassment against blacks by police officers. The story is told by a young girl in high school, I cried, can’t even lie! It’s the hardest for me to discuss because I never wanna give any of it away. I listen at work, in the car at home etc.. truly couldn’t stop. 4th- I’m judging you by Luvvie. This book had so much truth about society today and I laughed so much I cried. The awesome Nigerian author is funny and blunt — two things I love. Being of African descent I could truly appreciate her pointers. Tied for 5th are both memoirs (1) We’re going to need more wine by @gabunion and (2) Born a crime by @trevornoah !! Both books shed light on racism and injustice in both America and South Africa. Gabby talks about stuff that you never truly discussed or have heard someone verbalized. I mean we all think it but never really sit down and chat about it. Well grab some wine and read. Probably the easiest read of them all. Trevor story touched me as there were parts of history about South Africa that I never knew about until I read the book. Normally, I work and listen or drive and listen to books, but there is a part of his book that I truly had to stop and just listen (and breathe) — that’s how moving it was. Another great read or listen .

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