Author: nwafrogirl

Buy Black with me!

My favorites What’s more exciting than supporting black businesses that help grow our communities? Nothing - join the fun!! Below are some of my favorite items from Black vendors – guaranteed to add some holiday cheer and/or self-care to the receiver; even if it’s yourself.My favorite black businesses this year…even though you didn’t ask: Beauty:1. … Continue reading Buy Black with me!

Should I fly Spirit Airlines… a personal review

Last minute trip led me to Myrtle Beach, SC in late August for my Godson's birthday! And the best option is....... Spirit!!! Myrtle beach was great too! So I purchased my ticket with Spirit Airlines and here are my thoughts: Pros: 1. Affordable price - who doesn't want to save $$$ 2. Save more if … Continue reading Should I fly Spirit Airlines… a personal review