Happy happy new year and welcome to my site. I started this site to talk about the different challenges the young generation faces today. And so young ladies know they aren’t alone when they face different struggles and challenges. In addition, we’ll sing praises of our sisters who are defying the odds and making major accomplishments.

What is new world Afro girl ?? It’s the perspective of an African American girl growing up this new world. This new world where social media is can be our best friend and enemy — at the same time.

In a time where we wanna see it all — and have it all and spend nothing.

A world where it’s easier to blend in then to stand out. While none of these are all bad … their not all good either.

Finding one self is probably one of the toughest task .. because we are constantly evolving … in our career, relationship and position in society. So many times other tasks may take priority to finding oneself .. such as children, parental demands, work etc.

This year — let’s #reflect and make #oneself a priority!!

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