Endo diagnosed 

Sept 2014, I learned I had scaring on my liver from an ER visit. (Mom thought it was from my drinking – I’m not an alchi woman! )I started the journey to figure out more and learned first hand about #endo. First I saw a Nurse practitioner who specialized in ear nose and throat–who really did nothing but send me for a cat scan. She also told my mom she couldn’t tell me not to drink, since they didn’t yet know the cause. (Yess!) But she kept in touch with me the coming months, intrigued on knowing the results of my issues. My cat scan confirmed the scaring but also identified fluid in my abdominal cavity (ascites) My Gyno guessed it may have been a rupture cyst or endo (a very uncommon form of it) he mention the laparoscopic (lap) procedure and that I would be out for a week; but to wait and see if the fluid leaves on its own. Dec 2014, another scan… more fluid and scaring still there. Not to mention, I was beginning to look pregnant from the fluid build up , heart pain (even saw a pulmonary doc) Gyno scheduled a procedure called paracentesis, where they to drained all of 3 liters of a reddish/brownish fluid from my abdominal. January 2015- he did the lap and confirmed stage 4 endo and confirmed the scaring on my liver was from the endo sticking it self to my liver. My gyno had to scrap the endo off my liver. Which left me sore two weeks after the procedure. #endo #endometriosis #awareness #month #laparoscopic #ascites

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