Black man – black love 

You are loved and appreciated
Not for your strong arms or your fresh cut

Not for your melanin or your smile

But for the person you are inside and how you make me feel..happy, loved, safe.

You are strong beyond your imagination
Strong beyond any words I can find in Webster

You are a father, son and brother!

A friend ,protector and confidant.

Black man – you are far from perfection- but we all fall short of God’s glory.
Your conscious effort… your will and drive to fight a system that’s made to keep you down… it’s admirable.
If I learned nothing else.. I learned to keep my head up. You make and find time for your family and friends. My momma used to say “tough times don’t last long but tough people do”
Black man–know that you are not alone.

Know that your family – friends- and other love ones.. we got ur back! Now.. tomorrow .. ALWAYS!
I love you – Black man

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