Twenty-eighteen 🎉🎉

Happy New Year, you’ve made it to 2018!

It’s a few days past January first, have you created your New Year’s resolutions or set any goals to accomplish? Did you create a vision board of how you plan on living your best life and reaching your dreams?

Since 2009, my girlfriends and I have done vision board during our annual “drunkcation”. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a vacation or overnight event where you drink and plan your future. We have made strides to accomplish our goals on our board every year and I love to reflect on our past ones to see progress. But this year boards were special … outside of our regular jobs goals and the family / marriage goals were new ideas and aspiration that were unique, and hadn’t quite been presented on our boards before. Maybe because we couldn’t articulate it or maybe fear of having to stick to it, or fear it was really just a dream.

On Watch night (New Year’s Eve), my pastor said “DREAMS are unique and tailor made, if it fits everyone else’s DREAM, it’s truly just a culture.”

The message went on to talk and build on being Kingdom Focus, which was interesting because I’ve been slowing but surely walking in my faith and it’s truly provided blessing in my life outside of church. That being said, I had requested a Christian Planner for Christmas — which was order and arrived before watch night…Like what are the odds.

In the beginning of the planner, there is a section for your .. vision board ( the irony ) and goals / objectives you want to meet daily, weekly, monthly etc. Okay, everything is lining up it seems.

What I especially love about the planner is there’s a page to capture the notes from the weekly sermons and to note your weekly blessing! *pause* what a space dedicated to write down my blessing .. and give him the glory again. If this isn’t God’s work .. I don’t know what is.

My goals this year revolve around growth ..

Growing :

My blog/ig page and the ppl it reaches . Currently a little over 200.

Professionally, by setting hard dates to take my CPA exam.

My bank accounts, Saving!!! (Changing my spending habits)

Healthier, Working out 2x – 3x a week and eating less meals with meat.

My spirituals relationship with God –praying more regularly for self and others, joining a ministry and reaching my tithing goal .

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