Twenty four hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you would like to take a short trip to KL I have provided my recomendations below based on my trip:

  1. When on a limited schedule I would use Uber to get around.  They were pretty reliable and communicated with you via messages when they needed to locate you.  Just make sure you have Wifi. Cheaper then taxi.

2. If staying overnight, I would recommend The FACES Suites.  The building is part apartment/condos and part hotel space.  All rooms are suites with living and sleeping area, washer and dryer , refrigerator and microwave.  The view of the Personas Twin tower and KL tower are gorgeous.  They offer breakfast buffet for $40 riggit, roughly $11 USD. Very nice lobby area as well.

3. Batu Caves are a MUST!  You are able to go all the way inside and for a small fee of $5 rigget, you will receive a candle and can make a wish and place in the temple area.  Note: Lots of stairs to climb(292 to be exact), take your time as there may also be monkey poop along the way.  Monkeys will be outside, whatever you do, try not to make eye contact with them.  I recommend going in the morning when the crowd is low.  It cost about 12 rigget in the uber.

4. Visit the Petronas towers at day or night, or both.  The view at night is unbeatable. However, if you do stay at Faces Suites, you have a great view from the rooftop area as well. To get a full shot of yourself and the Petronas tower – a regular camera phone will not do.  There will be people selling an extra camera lense for ~75 riggit , about 20 USD.  You will likely be able to talk them down a bit. The first guy wanted 75, we went in the mall to get extra cash and another guy was selling it for 50 riggit (13 USD), cheaper than the amazon price.  Yup, sold!  I actually used the lens to take other pictures while traveling, definitely recommend it if you travel a lot. If you want to view the city from the top of the PETRONAS tower, I recommend purchasing tickets a little in advance, they are likely to sell out. For the KL tower(Menera), you don’t have to purchase tickets in advance for it.

PETRONAS Twin towers

KL Tower Menera

6.Dinner at Bombay Palace – delicious Indian food. But they do have locations in the US and UK.

7. If you have a layover or are stopping through to visit the Batu Caves and/or Petronas twin towers, there is an area to store your luggage at KLIA terminal not KLIA2 terminal. Cost for storage depends on size. And to get to Klia from KLIA2 it’s 2 rigget ride via the train between the two terminals.  KLIA2 is the terminal for a lot of the budget friendly airlines (AirAsia, jetstar, etc.). Must have cash (riggets) for the locker storage.

Hope these tips were helpful!

Keep living , loving and traveling!!



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