New Orleans – full of great food and adventures

Considering I’ve been to New Orleans twice before for Essence festival, I thought I knew what this city had to offer. And boy was I so wrong. I had a great tourist experience this past weekend in New Orleans for my cousin’s Bachelorette Celebration-that it’s only right to share some of the details.

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1. Cafe du Monde – For everyone favorites, beignets(pronounced ben ye)!! Please don’t be that person that attempts to pronounce every letter of the word.

2.Nola Tropical Winery– I picked up a Mango and Chardonnay smoothie from here and it wa great.Fun fact, you can openly drink alcoholic beverages out of a cup in New Orleans— yas yas yas!

3.The Rum house – I got to catch up with my friend Brittany at The Rum House, where we both had their delicious tacos, there is a plethora of taco options that come with good sides and I had their Sangria Margarita. Again, I didn’t finish my drink and did have to rush it all down.

4. Dinner at the Pelican Club – This is an upscale restaurant located in the French quarters. Food was a ten out of ten for me, the service was just average though. I had the chargrilled oysters for appetizers and the duck trio for my entree. The oysters were DELICIOUS.

5. Brunch at St. Roch market – this is a market with many different food options but not your typical fast food ( McDonald’s and stuff). There is also a bar to order drinks – all reasonably priced. I had the shrimp and grits and their biscuit which literally melted in my mouth. I would recommend the market, as there is something for everyone.

6. Family made scavenger hunt round sent us to some pretty cool areas including a Historic Voodoo Museum and Jackson Square.

7. Willie’s Daiquiris– Many different flavors and they let you sample them, mix them etc. I didn’t mix mine just got the green apple to go. 7. Blake Bike Rite tour– This was my favorite part of the trip. A two hours bike ride on bikes with neon lights. They played music as we rode along the New Orleans streets. Each bike came with a cup holder – for your beverage of choice. We stopped a few times for food, drink refills and photo opportunities.

8. Cats meow – this place is great for Karaoke good music and more.

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