Should I fly Spirit Airlines… a personal review

Last minute trip led me to Myrtle Beach, SC in late August for my Godson’s birthday! And the best option is……. Spirit!!!

Myrtle beach was great too!

So I purchased my ticket with Spirit Airlines and here are my thoughts:


1. Affordable price – who doesn’t want to save $$$

2. Save more if purchase ticket at the airport

I purchased my round trip ticket at the airport and saved roughly 45 dollars. In some airport there is a separate line to buy them. I don’t know of this being the case for other airlines

3. Flies to a number of major airlines (FLL, DAL, DEN, BOS, LAS)

4. New planes are nice and sleek

5. Space is reasonable. If you need extra room … the first two rows on Spirit are $55 but very spacious.


1. You pay for EVERYTHING!

  • Check bag (cheaper than a carry on but only allowed up to 40 pounds) and carry on bag (more pricey)
  • Seat selection (range from $13 to $55 )
  • Drinks on flight including water
  • Snacks on flight

2. Seats do not recline

3. My flight leaving BWI was delayed 30 minutes but and I knew that the night before. Returning flight was as scheduled


If the price is right, I would fly them again. Myrtle Beach was an hour flight from Baltimore – so I didn’t need water and I bring my own snacks. Flying budget airlines are a gamble. I flew with only a personal size bag and my fanny bag.

I didn’t pay for my seat selection and was given a middle seat in the 7th row going, but no one was in the window seat so I moved into the window seat (winning). Returning, I got an isle seat towards the back of the aircraft.

So if the cost of checking and picking your seat is cheaper than the next flight option- I say go for it!

Pointers to save:

1. If flying with others, share luggage(s).

2. Pay for luggage when booking – it’ll be at its cheapest. At the gate will cost you the most.

3. Bring your own snacks on flight.

3. Shoes are heavy. Spirit allows 40lbs per checked bags as oppose to the standard 50lbs from other US airlines. Carry the heaviest shoes in your personal bag.

4. Packing cubes work… I promise !!!

It was worth flying Spirit! I made it there and back in one piece!

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